Therapeutic Filmmaking

We specialise in using film as a therapeutic tool and love the fact that it promotes

self-development, teaches new skills and creates great products.

We teach filmmaking skills from start to finish so participants can be producers, camera operators, sound technicians, interviewers, musicians, artists, set designers, writers, directors, editors and actors. We design bespoke programs for all abilities and can provide film equipment to suit a range of needs. We are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable groups so teach at a pace that is appropriate and enhances growth and confidence.


We have worked on a number of projects where participants learnt camera, directing and acting skills. We recently worked with Look Ahead as well as Birmingham City Council where we worked with schools and trained students. In 2011, we facilitated a group from Hackney Carers to film and direct eight films. These were used in training and were screened at a special event at Hackney Picture house.


Our largest therapeutic filmmaking project to date has been with CanDo films - we worked with them from 2005 to 2016. They were a group of people who used mental health services in South London. Oxleas NHS Trust initially employed us and in 2010 we facilitated the group in the community with the support of Greenwich Mind.


The group produced and directed a series of films that were used for training staff and informing the public. They received the Oxleas Recognition Award for Best Practice in 2005 and were runners-up in the National Health and Social Care Awards in 2005.

We trained more than 20 members and they gained a lot from attending the group, some went on to employment and further education. We are in touch with the members and meet them regularly at events.




This film follows CanDo Films and shows how members were inspired and uplifted from being in the group.

Quotes from people who attended our therapeutic filmmaking sessions:


Attending the course run by Flexible Films changed my life around. They didn't just teach me how to direct documentaries, they taught me life skills. From doing their courses, I've gone onto get a LOCN in video editing and have written and co-directed a short drama.
Sarah Lewis


None of us had any experience of filmmaking, but since joining the group I have taken a video course at Greenwich College. The group has got me out of being a long-term mental health service user.

Simon Askew


Being able to share ideas and seeing them come to life is a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Maria Warren


It keeps my mind occupied, keeps me doing things and it really interests me. Every film session is different.

Janet Mehmet


It brought me out in telling my story, which I’ve never been able to do before

Trisha Hull


I am much more confident to try new things. I am studying counselling and looking to train as a teacher. If the film group had not come along, who knows where I would be now.

Gerald O’Dowd


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